About Our Members

NSA members are located throughout the country and are all independent staffing companies deeply committed to serving their local communities.

NSA membership is by invitation only, and the majority of our membership group has been in the staffing industry for over 20 years. Members are invited to join NSA based on the following criteria:

  • Professional standing in the staffing industry
  • Proven ethical business standards
  • Strong focus on providing superior customer service
  • Solid financial track record

This means that as an NSA customer, your flexible workforce is being supplied by some of the top independent staffing companies in the country, while priced at a national, competitive rate. NSA members are committed to exceeding their customers’ expectations through:

Integrity —

Each NSA member has made a commitment to ethical business practices both for themselves and for those with whom they do business.

Consistency —

NSA’s member network has a consistent platform for vetting potential employees, so customers can rest assured that only the best candidates are selected.

Flexibility —

In the event that your organization’s needs change, NSA has a large, qualified and flexible workforce to ensure your organization doesn’t miss a beat in terms of its human resources.

Quality —

From individual, flexible employees, to customized, accurate invoices, to in-depth industry expertise, NSA members are dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer experience.

Service —

It all comes down to service, and NSA strives at every level to ensure your expectations are exceeded at every turn.